24 апр. 2012 г.

Ultraviolet Joly Godsent Jafari - LV EST JCH !!

March 03-04
at National dog-show in Tallinn, Estonia
Ultraviolet Joly Godsent Jafari (Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari x Naomi Sinbest) from Finland - has got last needed jCAC and with that closed Estonian and Latvian Junior Champion tittles!!!
Our congratulations to owner - Laura Lamminsivu

Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari - LV LT EST JCH !!

February 18
National show in Valmiera, Latvia
judge - 
Saija Juutilainen (Finland)

February 19
National show in Valmiera, Latvia
judge - 
Igor Vyguzov (Russia)

  • Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari (Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari x Naomi Sinbest) - excellent-1, PP, CW, Junior CAC, Best female of breed - BOO! With that Odri became Junior Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Baltic states!!!